Cleaning services Expertise EXPERTISE

At SCI Plus, all our employees get the training needed to deliver a service that will meet your expectations. Whether you need us to clean a home or business, our team uses quality products and effective methods to make your spaces sparkle.

Our cleaning services reliability RELIABILITY

Our cleaning and maintenance professionals promise impeccable result, as well as exemplary discretion. Fully bonded and insured, Satisfaction is garanteed, Background check. ­Treat yourself to absolute cleanliness: trust SCI Plus!

Our cleaning services efficiency EFFICIENCY

We built our reputation on the thorough, meticulous work done by our team of professional cleaners. Our aim is to leave your spaces sparkling clean and looking their best.



Serving the cities of Orlando, Kissimmee, Sandford in Orange county, Seminole county, Osceola county, and Lake county. SCI Plus owes its solid reputation to the outstanding service it offers. We favour effective communication, quality work and competitive rates in all our business relationships.

Because each cleaning job is different, we take the time to go over your exact needs and any possible constraints with you before developing a customized cleaning program.


Residential cleaning

A cleaning service tailored to your needs

At SCI Plus, we are committed to doing a professional job.

We adapt our cleaning process to the type of space and take the time needed to get the desired results.

Whether you want your home cleaned once a week or twice a month, our experts can quickly adapt to your needs while guaranteeing the same attention to detail. Meeting high standards and ensuring the utmost discretion, our cleaning service will meet your expectations.

Our services

  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Occasional
  • Regular cleaning
  • Vacation rental
  • Deep cleaning
  • Post-construction
  • Move-in-out cleaning

Our house cleaning service includes :

  • Emptying the garbage cans
  • Dusting all designated rooms
  • Polishing chrome finishes and mirrors
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen and bathroom(s)
  • Cleaning all surfaces, including glass doors, furniture, appliances, air vent covers and electronic screens
  • Removing finger smudges and stains
  • Vacuuming and mopping in designated areas

Please note that our service involves cleaning only visible surfaces. We therefore will not clean any storage spaces, such as inside drawers or closets.

SCI Plus uses only high-quality industrial cleaning products that are safe for the environment, biodegradable, phosphate-free and will not damage your pipes, drains or septic system. Enjoy a clean home with complete confidence and peace of mind when you call on SCI Plus!

Commercial cleaning

Regular cleaning

We can clean on a weekly basis or at the frequency you choose, to keep your premises looking attractive and professional for your clients and employees. SCI Plus has what it takes to make your spaces sparkle with cleanliness.

Occasional cleaning

Our occasional cleaning services can be added to your regular cleaning schedule, on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, or every three or six months. We also offer the following one-time services :

  • Disinfecting
  • Professional carpet and chair cleaning
  • Floor stripping and polishing
  • Wall, door and ceiling washing
  • Dusting and cleaning hard-to-reach places such as ventilation hatches, acoustic panels and more

Post-event cleaning

Held a special event and now the place looks like a tornado blew through it? Contact us and we’ll spend the day after the “disaster” setting things to rights. Once we’re done, there will be no trace of the event and you’ll be able to continue doing business as usual.

We excel at commercial cleaning, notably in :

  • Retail businesses
  • Professional offices
  • Industries, factories and warehouse
  • Commercial buildings
  • Shopping centers, galleries
  • Medical facilities
  • Universities, colleges, schools and daycare centers
  • Sports centers and gymnasiums
  • Hotels
  • Post-construction
Working with our cleaning team is a breeze !
Step 1 - Site visit

Step 1 - Site visit

We will start by visiting the site to identify your needs and expectations.

Step 2 - Estimate

Step 2 - Estimate

We will then prepare an estimate of the time it will take to clean your office and/or home.

Step 3 - Schedule

Step 3 - Schedule

Once the previous steps are completed, we will set a cleaning schedule for your office or home.

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